Imago Meeting Pad

IMAGO Smart Team Collaboration

We enrich people’s lives via Collaboration, Inspiration & Imagination, we make it as simple as possible for people to work & learn together in an All-In-One System and with just a touch of finger. We make working & learning simple, fun, instant & secure.

Get your meeting productivity sky high

Do you also spend up to 10 hours a week on meetings that could’ve been emails? It takes a certain amount of madness to stay productive in today’s meetings jungle. Experience the thrill of an energetic meeting with an interactive touchscreen. Walk up to the board and let your team’s ideas flow. Our touchscreens are there to make you shine. Sharing your laptop, phone or tablet within seconds. No hassle of looking for cables, connectors.

The industry’s best quality hardware bundled with ready-to-collaborate software, makes for one easy-to-use, designed just for productivity meeting.

Bending the boundaries of distance

Engaged teams, increased productivity, cost and time savings, reduced ecological footprint for your organisation. Adopt a state-of-the-art  touchscreen and get your team more engaged. Share your screen wirelessly & remotely and take notes at the same time. Or simply plan your next meeting directly from the touchscreen. A video conference experience so cool you’ll feel as if your overseas colleagues are right there with you.