Zkteco Face Recognition

Zkteco Face Recognition is a powerful facial recognition system based on the use of IR light, which makes it impervious to external lighting conditions or sources. In addition to the facial recognition imaging system, features include a touch screen and card reader interface.


iFleet’s GPS Tracker is an intelligent fleet tracking system. It allows you to stay on top of every single detail regarding your fleet. Always at the ready, your fleet management system operates from the palm of your hand. An easy-to-use app keeps you updated on things like your vehicle’s movements to its real-time position. All you need is your data-enabled smartphone.

Digital Signage with Contactless Visitor Fever Detection & Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

With Infrared technology, through the combination of surface temperatures measurements and real-time thermal images, the body surface temperature can be detected automatically.

Hand sanitizing plays a huge role as it reduces the growth of germs and bacteria in your hands. Moreover, it also provides standard dosage which can avoid excessive wastage thus promoting cost efficiencies.